Boob Jobs

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the Boob Job Craze? I’m not talking about breast cancer reconstruction or fixing a birth deformity. Those breast implant surgeries are wonderful and necessary and healing.

The process was invented to serve those wounded women. I am talking about the massive Boob Job where surgery to is used to cure low self-esteem by inflating a woman’s breast size to gargantuan proportions.

Do men find these fake boobs attractive? What is the desire to touch a fake breast filled with a saline bag?

Does the thrill of the fantasy override the reality of bolted-on breasts without a natural cleavage line?

Do women find the false enlargement attractive? Are some natural breasted women envious of artificial mammary glands?

Do fake breasts suggest fakery in the personality of the person wearing them?

Is it ethical for a surgeon to operate on healthy breasts for the sole reason of falsely enlarging them for profit?

I’ll go on the record here and say all sizes of natural breasts are more attractive than a Boob Job and one must pity those women who spend thousands of dollars to hide behind a surgeon’s aesthetic of what a woman should be instead of being the woman she was born to be.