Hurting Fish for Asthma Awareness

Have you seen the television Public Service Announcement (PSA) with a gasping fish in a rapidly diminishing water bowl to promote “asthma awareness?”

I find the “Gasping Fish” PSAs to be disgusting and cruel.

Why make a fish so graphically suffer so America can be more aware of asthma? I don’t understand the logic of those who created the PSA — it’s okay to force a water away from a fish but it isn’t okay for children to gasp for air?

Is that the argument of the advertisements? One cruelty cannot condone another. The website defends their indefensible PSA by claiming this:

No fish were harmed during the making of this public service announcement. Fish handlers were present at all times during the shoot to manage the care and well being of the fish on hand.

That excuse doesn’t cut it if you have seen the PSAs. The fish are in distress. Fish aren’t actors. Fish only know the crisis of survival and the wages of death from a sin not their own.

If feel their treatment of the fish was fair — why not make a new PSA by placing a plastic dry cleaning bag over a child’s head until the kid turns a gasping blue — oh, wait… that would be cruel.