Beauty of a Bluetooth Keyboard

Who knew a Bluetooth keyboard could provide so much joy and wanting for nothing else? My feelings about the gigantic and plainly rotten keyboard wrist rest on my MacBook Pro finally drove me away from that keyboard and onto the standalone Apple wireless keyboard using Bluetooth technology!

Compared to the standalone wired Apple keyboard, the Apple Bluetooth
keyboard is more rugged and not as mushy and it is quicker to respond
to input. The key action is more shallow on my MacBook Pro keyboard and
that means I can type faster without as much effort. The Bluetooth
keyboard takes a little more oomph to fully press down the keys.

One might not think going wireless with a Bluetooth keyboard would be a
big deal but the ability to pull the keyboard off the desktop and onto
your lap changes everything! You can put your feet up and type. You can
stand up and type. You can sit on the stairs and type.

You can stand on
your head and type!
If you are an expert typist you don’t even need to have your eyes open
to type so you could be upstairs in your bed with your computer on the
next floor down and Bluetooth would keep that typing connection alive.
Using a Bluetooth keyboard frees you from sitting in one position all
day while you type and that freedom of expression leads to a more
comfortable body in the end.