The Shat is Back!

The Shat is back!” — that’s the ABC television promotional slogan for The Shat!William Shatner’s unwatchable new gameshow, Show Me the Money!

Am I the only one offended by that slogan?

I guess the FCC and the ABC censors don’t get the tawdry joke — that is no joke at all — because the show’s on-air promotional material also uses “Shat-Tastic!” and “The Shat Hits the Fans!” and other dreary “Shat-isms” to dirty up the eye and ear of the wanton network viewer.

I wonder if the ridiculous dancers on the show are referred to as “The Shatted” and if the contestants are called “The Shatted Upon?

Shat” — in case you are not aware — is the past and past participle of: “Sh*t.”

The Shatted!

Funny as shat, huh?

I won’t even spell out the present tense version of the word here because it is too crass and ugly.

I’m forced to use “shat” because you can’t criticize a term without using the term — please pass the toilet tissue.

It seems, however, that “shat” is not crass enough or ugly enough to prevent its use for promoting “The Shat” and ABC television to families and their children in prime viewing time.

Celebrating “The Shat” in this manner is yet another sign of the downfall of American popular culture where Prime Time promotional television coverage is once again just played for shats and giggles.