The Definition of a Prostitot

I heard the definition of a new and insidious word today: Prostitot.


Prostitots, it seems, are child harlots between the ages of 10-14 who dress like tramps and prostitutes in imitation of the celebrity Jezebels they admire.

NEW YORK — You see them at the mall, waiting for the school bus, even in church: preteens wearing tight T-shirts that say “naughty” and low-slung flared pants that expose their pierced belly buttons.America’s prepubescent girls continue to emulate the dress styles and attitudes of their older role models: Britney, Christina and Paris. But some girls say the sexy trends have created a backlash within their social circles — and they’ve even got a word for them. “They’re called ‘prostitots,'” said Anna Miressi, a Kingston, N.Y., high school freshman who claims the term is commonly used among her peers. “It’s those girls at the mall with the tight jeans and belly shirts. They’re in between the age group of 10 to 13 or 14.”

Some call this the “Britney Effect” or “Paris Burning” — but what this trend really indicates is the lack of parental care and oversight over Prostitottheir children.

I call this effect the glorification of stupid girls posing as intellectuals and the mainstream media celebrates this “badness” so that it becomes cool to act like a rotten girl and to dress like a whore. Even Newsweek is celebrating “Prostitotution” in this week’s edition by feigning outrage while providing every salacious detail into the Prostitot trend:

My 6-year-old daughter loves Lindsay Lohan. Loves, loves, loves her. She loves Lindsay’s hair; she loves Lindsay’s freckles. She’s seen “The Parent Trap” at least 10 times. I sometimes catch her humming the movie’s theme song, Nat King Cole’s “Love.”She likes “Herbie Fully Loaded” and now we’re cycling through “Freaky Friday.” So when my daughter spotted a photo of Lindsay in the New York Post at the breakfast table not long ago, she was psyched. “That’s Lindsay Lohan,” she said proudly. “What’s she doing?” I couldn’t tell her, of course. I didn’t want to explain that Lindsay, who, like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, sometimes parties pantyless, was taking pole-dancing lessons to prepare for a movie role. Or that her two hours of research left her bruised “everywhere.”

Why can’t the mother correct the daughter’s inappropriate idolatry? Why was the child allowed to worship Lohan in the first place?

Where is the parental iron fist inside a velvet glove when it comes to providing correction and direction to a child’s emotional wanderlust and search for identification? ProstitotNewsweek is just as guilty as MTV and Playboy and People and all the other mudraking media outlets for creating this degradation of childhood in the Prostitot Revolution.

Many parents no longer teach their children manners let alone the morality of dressing as a proper person in public. It seems today, more than ever, “Everything Goes” — instead of just “Anything Goes” — is the new mantra of the womanchild, and that distinction — with a tremendous difference when it comes to our young women — creates a tragic and a misbegotten sexuality where personhood and self-confidence are exchanged for the devaluation of our shared cultural morality in the ongoing propagation of the coarsening of our universal human aesthetic.

Those incalculable losses are eternally enshrined in the empty insinuation of celebrity and fame. At what age do you think a young woman should dress in provocative clothes? Should children ever be encouraged to look outside their families for behavioral imitation or not?