Courting the Ripple Crowd: Wal-Mart Wins the Wino

Wal-Mart recently announced they were going to start selling wine under their own branded name.

Now that may not seem like big news, but when you consider Wal-Mart plans to sell their wine for $2.00 USD a bottle, you quickly begin to see Wal-Mart senses a fault in human nature and a hole in core community values ripe for exploitation: Let’s Make it Affordable to Become a Wino!

Now those of us who know wine well know full-well Wal-Mart isn’t going after the upscale connoisseur wine market with the $2 bottle — and they aren’t going after the Trader Joe’s college crowd that buy the private label Trader Joe’s rotgut wine at $4.00 USD a bottle — no, Wal-Mart has its keen business eye set lower… lower down into the gutter… where Wal-Mart wants to win the Ripple crowd who buy wine in jugs.

Wal-Mart wants to win the world. They push local businesses out of business by building gigantic superstores that inflate some prices while slashing other prices to bring in business.
Just who wants to buy a $2.00 jug o’ wine?

The Winos.

The poor. Underage kids.
It seems Wal-Mart wants to bring wine to the masses and what better way to “keep ’em comin’ back” than to hook ’em on cheap booze that you might be able to spin as a health benefit instead of a killing addiction?

What’s next? Wal-Mart wine for cats?