Scobleizer Found Dead in His Grave

Don’t let anyone tell you Jesus isn’t good for business! As you can see in the screenshot below my Jesus Found Dead in His Grave post is hot with a rising bullet on the front page much in the same way our Lindsay Lohan series of articles made us super-popular a couple of months ago.

Scobleizer Found Dead in His Grave

Despite our best efforts when we get popular like this, we just can’t seem to nudge self-confessed Tech Geek Robert Scoble and his massive Scobleizer blog from the top spot. If you Believed in us more, we’d do better!

So in the Spirit of James Cameron, we are hoping the WordPress Dot Com SuperBug will strike, making all of Scoble’s Public posts Private and thus placing that Scobleizer blog dead in its grave so the rest of us can enjoy the sunshine of Titties in the Top Spot, Titties All the Time! now and forever into eternity until we, too, are found dead in our graves. Will Jesus or Scobleizer be better for business?

We’re holding thumbs to see how long this post stays published! This satiric post may be crass and Hits Whorish, but it is my Duty to try to get us into the sunshine and I apologize to all Bloggers and their Blogs, both living, dead, as well as to the Resurrected and to those, too — deleted the world over — for ToS violations.