Beating Bloody a 101-Year-Old Woman

Are there some crimes that are so vicious and so tawdry and so incomprehensibly heinous that — even though no one dies — the punishment for the criminal must end in death?
Yesterday, we were introduced to such a warranted death via video surveillance.

Here’s the story behind the bloody beating. Rose
Morat, a 101-year-old resident of Queens, New York, was assaulted in
the vestibule of her apartment building last week during the noon hour.

She was beaten up by an unknown Black male wearing a ski mask.
He first stalked her from the main lobby of her building and then
attacked her in the vestibule.

He stole $33 and spit on her as she fell to the ground.
Here’s the anatomy of Rose’s beating from the surveillance camera in
her building:

  • Rose, using her walker, exits the lobby and enters the vestibule so she can leave the building. The time is 12:30pm.

  • Rose’s attacker grabs her by the head. His left hand holds
    her head upright while his right hand punches her three times in the
    jaw. The blob behind Rose’s head is her hat flying off her head.

  • Rose, after taking three blows to the head, staggers. Her
    right arm reaches out for her walker to steady her, but her attacker
    moves her walker out of reach. Blood is running from Rose’s nose. She
    is dazed and unaware of her surroundings. Her attacker straightens the
    collar of her overcoat.

  • Rose’s torturer spits on her and punches her a fourth and
    final time in the head before he turns to leave the building with his
    pink and red bicycle.

Here’s the damage done to the left side of Rose’s face. She feels sorry
for her attacker. “He must be desperate to take $33 dollars from an old

minutes later — and half a mile up the street — Rose’s robber attacks
an 85-year-old woman in her apartment building. He rides the elevator
with her, gets off a floor early, runs up the stairs to her floor and
beats her bloody in front of her apartment door. He repeatedly punches
her in the face and bloodies her lip. His take: $4 and her wedding

Here’s the last best image we have of this brutal robber.

Let’s hope it’s the last time we see him alive.