RFID and Implanted Behavior Control

I cannot get over the notion of RFID staples — even if the whole thing is a hoax — and the idea you can track paper and people via such a tiny piece of steel.
Can you imagine all the uses of RFID staples if you assume there are proper monitoring stations that can read the tiny transmitters?

You’d never lose another report. The paper you seek would self-identify
where it is hiding in the stacks of junk in your office.
You can track employees. Give them an RFID staple and you can learn
their patterns of behavior throughout the day and night without their
You can staple more than paper.

You could staple clothing. Or an
earlobe. Or a laptop. Or money.
RFID is currently used to invisibly track products being shipped into
and out of ports and loading docks across the world — but what is the
most valuable cargo of all? Human cargo. Human trade. Human movement.
Would you be bothered if someone was tracking you via RFID staple
without your knowledge?
If you had the opportunity to track the movement and the place of a
person or a thing using RFID staples, would you?

If someone offered you a permanent non-staple RFID implant in your arm
so you could be found at all times, would you accept that chip or not?
Will all infants one day be implanted with some sort of tracking device
that will tell everyone — not just the government — who they are,
where they’re going and where they’ve been?

Would you want that mandatory implant to have the capacity to
involuntarily incapacitate? If the implant were reading troublesome
brainwaves, or if the body were moving in an unseemly and aggressive
manner, would you object to having that body automatically shut down
via implant until the body’s electricity fell below danger thresholds?