Disposable Women: Slasher to Gash Her

Why do all mainstream horror movies require the killing of disposable women? They are usually bare-breasted, open-mouthed and clumsily helpless and they always meet their end with blood-curdling screams.

What does the destruction and killing of these disposable women represent in the overall condition our entertainment values as well as our humanity in the heightened expectation of faceless women we meet beyond the movie theatre?

Sometimes the disposable women take up arms and try to fight back against the men who are chasing and trying to kill them.

Are horror movies reflexive or reflective? Do we secretly fantasize about the murder of disposable women and do we find cathartic release in the darkness of the demise of the movie house vixen as her anonymous blood spills over our nameless fears to salt our popcorn; or are there already temporary women who are killed every day in ordinary life?

Do we become less sensitive to violence against women when these slasher films mop up money along with their spewing guts? What lesson are we to take away from these disposable women who are forced to murder their tormentors in order to escape into the next sequel or to recycle their turn in ongoing violent victimization?