Are Babies Born Selfish and Power-Seeking?

Is it an evolutionary necessity that all babies are born selfish and power-seeking?

Is it possible for the young to survive in the world without a “me
first” attitude and a need to create their own power dyads that places
them at the center of attention at the power core?
If children require selfishness and power
to survive, where then, does one draw the line between spoiling the
child and creating the independent adult?

At what age — or during which milestone — must the cord be forever
cut to avoid the result of the ordinary, meandering, narcissistic,
tepid, adult?

the correction from selfishness and power-seeking is never healed in
childhood — what becomes of the adult — and how can the rest of us
avoid be punished for the child abuse perpetuated on babies that
wrongly place them, and others like them, at the center of an inhuman
universe where they can do no wrong while the sun rises and sets on
their shrugging shoulders?