Extinguishing the 2008 Olympic Beijing Flame

The Olympic flame is trying to fire its way to Beijing, China for the 2008 games.  It seems, however, there are some people who wish to douse the symbolic fire to protest the lack of human rights in China.

We know the USA is deep in debt to China.  Protests in Burma resulted in rivulets of bloodshed

Yesterday, the Golden Gate Bridge was a billboard of protest against China for its capturing of Tibet.

The French are not fans of the Chinese Olympic flame and they successfully doused the torch a few times.

Are the Olympic games the appropriate place to make a stand against China’s international atrocities against the human spirit?

Or should we intellectually separate our emotion from our memory and not punish the athletes with the politics of their home countries?

The torch relay has been disrupted in Greece,
Istanbul, London and Paris by protesters opposed to China’s policies in
Tibet and overall human rights record. More problems are expected
Wednesday in San Francisco, the only North American leg of the relay.

“I’m definitely concerned about what has
happened in London and in Paris,” Rogge said. “I’m deeply saddened by
the fact that such an important symbol has been attacked. We recognize
the right for people to protest and express their views but it should
be non-violent. We are very sad for all the athletes and the people who
expected so much from the run and have been spoiled of their joy.”

Should the international flame relay be cancelled or not?

Should we boycott the Beijing Olympics?

Or should we only make a transparent protest by not attending the opening ceremonies?