The Order of Money

Let’s get one thing straight:  There is one — and ONLY ONE — way to manage your money in your pocket or wallet.

Here are the two rules for the ONE WAY of money ordering:

Rule One:
The faces of all denominations must be right side up with their eyes locking on yours.

Rule Two:
The lowest denomination is closest to you, followed by the next highest denomination and so on and so on and so on.

Those two simple rules may seem easy to extend, but you will be surprised how many people just jumble their money into pockets and purses without any reason or plan. 

Money in disorder is harder to find when you want to spend it and tougher to manage when you want to count it.

Disordered money creates chaos.

The world is built on context and meaning and if you allow your money to wander undefined — you will never really know how much money you have or how much money you have to owe.