Chicken Little McCain Cancels Debate as Sky Fails to Fall

Moments ago John McCain showed his true character by canceling his Friday presidential debate with Barack Obama because of the “financial crises” over the $700 billion bailout bill.

Today, John McCain fell nine points behind Obama in the presidential polls — and by skittering away from a smashing by Obama on Friday, McCain hopes to save his flailing campaign by avoiding his rightful slaughtering before the American people for his nefarious role in the destruction of our banking system.

Moose killer Sarah Palin is still running away from the press

Now war hero John McCain is running away from Barack Obama.

Barack must go to the debate on Friday and debate an empty chair. 

If McCain foolishly chooses to suspend his entire campaign over the “crisis” — Obama must continue even harder his fight for the greater good of our nation.

If Obama concedes and cancels and suspends to McCain’s will, then McCain will claim a “crisis” from now until election day if Obama lets him get away with it this time. 

We’ll never see Obama pin down the McCain lies.  Running away is the only card a coward has left to play.

Barack owes it to the world to spell out on Friday precisely why a Palin/McCain presidency will rot the American dream from the underbelly if they are elected — and Obama can, and must, do it with a surgeon’s scalpel.

The current “financial crisis” is overblown — the government has been planning this bank bailout for months — and the world didn’t stop across those many days and it won’t even pause as the “we must fix this in a week or we’re doomed” Republican naysayers try to spin McCain’s “the sky is falling” claim as a reality Obama is “too naive to see.”

Canceling the debate and suspending the campaign is Anti-American.  Where’d I put my flag lapel pin?