The Immediate Me and the Instant Now

In the comments stream for a previous article — A Semiotic History of Playing with Brains — I revealed the following:

I am sort of cursed with the ability to exactly remember experiences and conversations in images going all the way back to childhood.  They are sort of branded in my brain and I relive them in quiet moments and it can make one slightly uncomfortable when those moments are unpleasing — so I visualize that repetitive image and then I use a giant pink eraser in my visual mind and literally erase the image, or parts of it, from my view.

That sort of proactive action from the immediate me in the instant now is enough, it seems, to cancel out the ghost images of the past from re-appearing.

When you try to live in the now, how do you deal with the hauntings of your past — do you repress them, express them, or try to re-form them into a fresher context?