The Definition of Memeingful

On November 27, 2008 — we created this “Memeingful” blog — even though “memeingful” was not a word at that time and meant nothing.  We all knew what a “meme” was thanks to the genius of Richard Dawkins — but “memeingful” was intended to be a dizzy mix of Dawkins and knowing.  We started this blog to create “meaning in the meme.”

Today, we are thrilled to see how quickly “memeingful” has become meaningful in the meme of our ethereal society.

A quick Google search for “Memeingful” returns a myriad of fascinating information:

We will continue to propagate the notion of this Memeingful blog far into the distance of the universe and we’ll make the future a more memorable place for the continuation of the construction of what we know, how we know it and how we hope to share that knowledge in the future.

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