Food Imagery and the Mastication Memorial

I have always been shocked and amazed when people we know and love take time and effort to publish — what they’re about to turn into poop — on the public interwebs. Yes, I’m taking about the infectious internets viral phenomenon we’ll call… “Food Imagery and the Mastication Memorial.”

What is the point of taking a picture of your food before you eat it and then publishing it on the web?

Do those folks find spiritual satiety in preserving the very essence of life right before they shovel it all into one hole — only to have it later expressed out another?

Our very own Gordon Davidescu recently celebrated his ongoing mastication ritual with this image published on his Livejournal homepage.

Why, Gordon, WHY?

Even our admired and respected Movable Type expert Byrne Reese recently memorialized his Tuna Melt infatuation on his blog.

Why, Byrne, WHY?

If you’re really going to follow through on publicizing your eating habits —
aren’t you also required to provide the end image of the successful result, too?

wouldn’t the world want a pork chop and chitterlings “before and after” if one truly wanted to
celebrate the percolating body?

Gordon and Byrne are not alone in the food fetishism — yet it is still our want to always wonder — “Why?”