If You Want to Lose Weight, Don't Wear Sweatpants!

Losing weight can be an ongoing battle for most of us.  If the Dunkin Donuts weight loss program isn’t working for you, then here’s a Big Tip that will absolutely guarantee you start shedding the pounds:  Never Wear Sweatpants!

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true.  Sweatpants are the work of the devil, and wearing them, will only make you rounder.

Sure, sweatpants are comfortable.  Sure, you can go anywhere in them and sort of look good, and sure, as Roger Ebert has discovered, sweatpants are the de rigueur work uniform of the professional writer — but none of that means sweatpants are good for your body.

Sweatpants, for all their warm hugging of your waistline, are sneaky!  They sit on your belly and when you eat a bit too much, they willingly accommodate that extra bite or four of dessert by stretching to fit your mood.

Your sweatpants quickly become your best friend and cuddle blanket.  They don’t criticize you when you eat too much and they’re the best sort of elastic and flexible associate you could ever hope to have working around you.

You always look good in your sweatpants until a harsh reality sets in when you try to wear a pair of pants with a sized waist — and you can’t button them!

“Betrayer!  False friend!” you howl wondering how you got to be so much fatter so darn fast.

The hard answer is this:  You were tricked by your pants!  The movable waistline was invented by sweatpants and you’re the one who ends up paying the price with an out-of-control belly.

If you want to keep your waistline in your attention at all times — never wear sweatpants!  Only wear pants that have a waist size.  That way, you’ll immediately know when you’re eating too much because your pants will tell you the truth as you struggle with the button to meet its hole.

Sometimes comfort isn’t the best thing for us.  Sometimes we need the strict rigidity of a fixed waist in order to keep us focused, on track, and ultimately healthy.