The celebration of the backside of the Black female form — from Saartjie Baartman in 1810 to Fergie in 2010 — is a fascination of cultural values that has been amalgamated in mainstream music for fifty years.  In the 1960’s, the celebratory code phrase for the pleasing female “big butt” was “big legged” and I suppose there’s some anatomical sense to be made from that rising frustration:  If you have big legs, then your butt has to be even bigger to better negotiate your sense of balance.  In the late 1960’s, Blues sensation Albert King immortalized the “Big Legged Woman” in his ovaric song, “Born Under a Bad Sign.”

Former Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski is in big trouble:

CHERRY HILL native Adam Jasinski used his $500,000 prize from winning CBS’ “Big Brother” to buy oxycodone pills to re-sell, authorities say.

Jasinski, 31, was arrested over the weekend in Florida after allegedly
trying to sell a sock full of the painkillers to an undercover federal
agent. Jasinski, a Camden County Community College grad, faces up to 20
years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted on charges of
possession with intent to distribute the narcotic.

Jasinski made headlines while living in the “Big Brother”
house last year when he referred to autistic children as “retards,”
which caused him to lose his job in public relations for the United
Autism Foundation. Jasinski was also heard, on a live 24/7 Internet
feed of the house, calling a gay cast mate a “faggot.”

I am a fan of Big Brother on CBS television even though the “reality show” is filled with miscreants, the dishonorable, and the verifiably wacky.

Each season of Big Brother descends deeper into debauchery and a cruel malfeasance blasted on everyone within eyeshot and earshot of each other — and while one recoils from the idea of actually watching the disassembly of lives in real time — one cannot help but find delight in the evolutionary machinations of a house full of people fighting each other for a $500,000.00 USD prize.

This year’s Big Brother is the first “winter” edition, but that doesn’t mean the show, or the people starring in it, are any better than the previous summertime versions.