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Reflections on the First World Problems Blog

While browsing the popular link aggregating site Reddit one day I found a link to a tumblr blog called “First World Problems” and while I went seeking humor I came away from the experience feeling just a little blue. I gave it a little more thought and realized we who have the ability to get to such a blog and read it are some of the more privileged in the world.

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On Hand-Importing 756 Articles Using Copy and Paste

It has been a wild week of mindless copying and pasting from the old Go Inside website — to the New And Improved Go Inside Magazine blog — but we are pleased to announce we have over 750 articles dating from 1996, and before, right here for you to search and read and enjoy once again!  Gordon Davidescu imported all 140 articles he wrote over the last decade or so and we now have 510 “Guest Author” articles that still ring with authenticity and authority.

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