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Great New York City Architecture on the Upper East Side

I work on the Upper East Side in New York City, and as part of my job take a walk — sometimes twice a day, when necessary — to the main building of Weill Cornell Medical College, to pick up and drop off mail at the mail room and to pick up and drop off any deliveries that may be needed among the various departments of the College. It is quite a pleasant walk, chiefly because of all of the sights that I am fortunate to see, and the beautiful architecture I can enjoy daily.

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Cancer Kid Jack Hoffman Scores the Winning Nebraska Touchdown!

Today, the University of Nebraska held its annual Spring football game. There’s a mix-and-match of talent on both sides of the football.  Red Team vs. White Team.  The Spring Game is a Lincoln ritual, and everyone loves it because Nebraska, playing Nebraska, means Nebraska always wins!


There were over 60,000 people today at the Spring game in Lincoln, and the highlight of the day was when seven-year-old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman came off the bench and into the game to score, what turned out to be the winning 69-yard touchdown, for the Red team!


How Sugar Fattens Your Liver Just Like Alcohol

Robert Lustig, M.D. is a terrific and insightful doctor who knows, and who has quantitatively proven, what the rest of us refuse to confess:  Sugar is killing us by fattening our livers from the inside.  We all know alcohol is bad for our bodies, and since alcohol is sugar, Dr. Lustig argues in his new book — “Fat Chance” — that the regular sugar we eat in our food can adversely affect our livers because of metabolic disease, just as if we were boozing it up all day long.

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