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The Medication Generation: Searching for Perfection and Enlightenment

As I’ve written before, having a blog of a sustained length over time that can dive back a decade with in situ thoughts and facts-of-mind on the record makes for a wonderful repository that allows a certain grabbing back into what we thought we knew then in order to compare it against the modern treachery of The Now.

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The Criminal Chemist

In the past, one of the strongest ways that a prosecutor could prove that there had been criminal wrongdoing was to use witnesses. A person or two may have seen a criminal snatching a purse and running off with it. There could have been even more witnesses. On the other hand, it was entirely possible that the witnesses were all fabricated by a shrew prosecutor in search of a win.

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Taste Bud Chemistry

Our tongues are being taken over by chemicals to invoke, for false profit, the taste and the memory of foods that no longer exist.  This fooling of the taste buds — this mocking of experience with lies — provides us a context that crumbles in ignition and a present that only mirrors the past instead of finding reflexively inspired knowing.

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