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The Inanity of Open Comments

I am always struck by the inanity of other websites and blogs that allow open commenting on their articles because that sort of anonymity invites chaos, creates confusion and encourages deception and ruins the reading experience.  It is the publisher’s duty to only accept comments from verified individuals.  Without some sort of verification process in place — that at least links a verified email address to the person commenting — you have no idea who is attacking you or for what reason.

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Ten Thousand and Counting

It’s amazing that, via BlogExplosion alone, this Urban Semiotic blog has reached over 10,000 unique visitors since June 1, 2005 and it wouldn’t have happened without many of you!
Urban Semiotic also participates on other blog exchanges like Blog Clicker and Blog Advance and Blog Soldiers but the king of pushing traffic here, by a power of at least 10, is BlogExplosion, as you can see here from my member’s panel:

BlogExplosion at 10,000 Visitors

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