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David Boles Blogs Album of the Year: Neil Young’s Storytone

For most of 2014, since June, the album I played every day to help keep me awake and inspired as I worked — was Jack White’s Lazaretto — that album had great verve and energy that fit any writing mood.

However, that all changed a month ago when Neil Young‘s latest masterpiece — Storytone — appeared on my musical horizon.

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Rediscovering the Demo Tapes

A new George Harrison album dropped last week called “Early Takes, Volume 1” and, for the first time, you can hear the demo versions of some great Harrison songs.  “My Sweet Lord” is clean and clear and vibrant.  “All Things Must Pass” still has the genuine sting of reality and acceptance that came to define the ultimate end of his life.

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The Irreparable Insult: John Denver Does Not Star on Broadway as Will Rogers

Few people know that when “The Will Rogers Follies” was readying itself for Broadway, John Denver was supposed to play Will Rogers.  The role was originally written for him:  The book (the script) and the music and the lyrics were sculpted to fight John Denver’s sense of humor and singing range.

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