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Blogging the Bodily Fluids Stream

Today, I woke up.

  • I wiped the sand from my eyes. 
  • Ten minutes later I did a little Shaker peeing and splashed some of that good yellow stuff on the toilet seat. 
  • Two minutes after that, I blew my nose and threw the tissue in the wastebasket near the toilet I fouled. 
  • 30 seconds later, I cried a little bit because of the loss of my pee stream aim because I am getting older. 
  • Three minutes later, I wiped the crying snot on my shirtsleeve.

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Divining Value in the Death of David Foster Wallace

What is the value of a life? Moreover, who can be held accountable for determining the value of a life and who can judge when a life should come to a close? Can it be that a person can properly make the choice to end their own life?

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White Apple of Death

There is nothing more frustrating as a consumer than being told what you are experiencing and describing is not happening or isn’t real.  Many early iPhone 3G adopters have been reporting terrible White Apple of Death screens as the iPhone 3G completely locks up and becomes unresponsive and we feel brushed away by Apple as delusional wackos in need of censoring.  We are upset and we are angry and we’re not going to take it anymore! 

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You are the Pilot of a Spaceship

You are the pilot of a spaceship.  All systems are failing with no chance for recovery.  You, and all souls aboard, are going to disintegrate in a crash and explosion.  There is no hope for escape or survival.  Everyone will die.

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Death Wish Gallery

Since 1992 people have been inking Death Wishes on their chests as permanent tattoos to prevent medical resuscitation in the event of a life-threatening injury.  This process is called the “DNR Tattoo” or the “Do Not Resuscitate Tattoo” and its effect is a fascinating enlightenment against the values and morality of an advanced culture where we are all taught to value life and to save the heartbeat at all cost.

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