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Upgrading to a 200 gig Google Drive

This is my third Google Drive article in as many days, and I can’t help writing about the cloud storage service because I have been waiting so long for it to become a reality.  Last night, I did what I hoped I wouldn’t have to do for a long while:  I gave up my 80 gigs at $20 a year deal for 200 gigs for $9.99 a month!  Yes, I upgraded to a Google Drive is that four times larger than the available space on my MacBook Air SSD!

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Dropping Dropbox: Hello Google Drive and SkyDrive!

Goodbye Dropbox!  I’ve hated you ever since I ceased my yearly paid subscription and you kept putting “canceled account” everywhere.  I didn’t like that threat then, and I don’t like it now.  I’m not “canceled” until my actual subscription expires.  I don’t like giving my money over to a threat, and so I’ve been anticipating the advent of Google Drive for a long while now.   Yesterday, Google Drive arrived, and I have been in Cloud Storage Glory ever since!

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Getting Back 18 Gigs from iDisk

With the impending arrival of iCloud, I realized my 18 gig iDisk was soon to be in jeopardy.  I use my iDisk as a drag-and-drop backup system for oddities and curiosities that I like to save during my work day.  With iDisk storage gone in iCloud, I realized I’d better find a new form of easy backup.

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