As most people know the European Union — the EU — is in the middle of an immense economic crisis, with a lot of its members in recession and others such as Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Cyprus needing bailouts from the EU and World banks to keep them afloat. You would think that our esteemed MEPs — Members of the European Parliament — would be working determinedly to find ways of improving the economic situation and easing the rampant unemployment and ensuing poverty caused by stringent cuts.

They say that you should not go to the supermarket when you are hungry because you will end up buying a lot more food than you really want. Well I am here to tell you that if you want to keep off the pounds, it may be a prudent idea to stay away from the so-called food porn web sites. Now, before you get the wrong idea, don’t think that I am talking about some kind of odd pornography that happens to involve food. “Food porn” is a term used to describe well laid out photographs of food that are meant to show off either how amazing the food looks, how good of a chef the photographer happens to be, or simply what the person happened to eat for a meal that day.

As of late, my little man Chaim Yosef Davidescu has a neat little trick that he performs at the dinner table — well, at the dinner high chair, anyhow. He starts by putting something in his mouth — cracker, grape, or otherwise. Most of the time he will give it a good chewing and swallow. Sometimes, however, he will realize that he suddenly wants a drink from his sippy cup and so instead of continuing to process his current food, he pauses and just takes it out of his mouth. The trick comes if I happen to be near him when he makes this decision and he juts out his hand, partially chewed food in it, toward me as an offering. I have told him on a number of occasions that his Tati is just not interested in eating partially chewed food and that he is neither child nor bird.

The commercials for the original Bullet food processing system all are about the same. They show you over and over again how it helps you make food in a matter of seconds — from preparing an omelete to helping you make a fantastic margarita. Whenever Elizabeth said that she wanted one, I pointed out that we already had a perfectly functional food processor that was already taking up space in our not so large Kew Gardens co-op apartment. She would relent, conceding this point to be quite right — when you live in a large multi-room house you can have as many appliances as you want that do only one thing and do them well. When you live in New York and aren’t wealthy, you need to have a few appliances that each do many things, even if it doesn’t do those things fantastically.