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A Letter to Well Meaning Virus Announcement Forwarders

Dear Well Meaning Forwarders of Virus Alert E-mails,

First of all, let me thank you for your consideration. You got an e-mail about the existence of a virus. It could be a virus that comes in the form of a greeting card or the form of a silly photo of our president. The kind of damage might range from the destruction of your hard drive to just forwarding itself to everyone in your address book. When you saw that virus alert, you thought of me and hit that forward button — you don’t want me to get the virus.

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Pricking the Heene Hoax

The Heene Balloon Boy Hoax has gone on long enough to demonstrate nobody really tells the truth any longer when pressed for a confession of fact; and the experience confirms the mainstream media will swallow any hollow story plowing fallow ground as long as it flies and implies some sort of innocent death.  

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