I was once in a relationship with a young woman who said that the resolutions to some of her biggest unresolved problems at her school came to her while she was sleeping. She would simply think about the problem that was bothering her while she was getting ready for bed and resolved to find the solution, and it would invariably come to her in some form during her dreams. I attempted to do this as well but found that no resolutions ever came and that I was always dreaming about unrelated subjects — I suppose that finding solutions to problems was just a talent that she had, or somehow she trained herself to be able to do this. I still can’t do it, sadly. However, I am fairly excited to try out something not entirely different and seemingly a bit more grounded in science fact than this dream problem solving ability.

When I was in high school, I had a crush on a fellow student that happened to live in room 23 of her dormitory. It wasn’t too long before I found out indirectly that she actually had less than no interest in me and so I didn’t attempt to pursue any kind of relationship with her — I just didn’t want to get hurt. Not long after these events, however, I began noticing that the number 23 was popping up everywhere. I would notice it on a box of cereal, or a page in a library book would be dogeared to that exact page. What a coincidence, I thought, that I had recently had a crush on a girl who lived in room 23 and now the number seemed to be following me everywhere I went.