Where is Fiona Apple and what hath the world done with her?  On October 6, 2005, I celebrated  her in print in my Fiona Apple Turnover article:

The enchanting Fiona Apple has turned over a tricksy new musical leaf with the release of her latest album, Extraordinary Machine. The machine is she and extraordinary she is! Fiona’s music on this new album is no longer solely glum and gloomy like her previous public efforts. She now presents us with a sexy curiosity and a jaunting, lilting, melodic sense that is bright and blossoming in a dull Pop music world.

There’s nothing more disappointing than the realization that a soft promise is not a hard fact and that eagerness does not equal integrity.  Such is the case of the ever-widening hardship that Google Apps are not ready for prime time success because there are too many innate technical blunders that instantly hamstring any promise of safe data in the cloud.  For the past three days I’ve been having horrible Google Apps Calendar misfires — yet checking the official Google Apps Status Dashboard this morning reveals no trouble with the Calendar — even though it isn’t working.

(UPDATE:  UrbanSemiotic.com is no longer hosted on WordPress.com.  We now run on Movable Type 4.1.  We are keeping this article in publication to preserve the record.)

Over the past few days I have noticed something curious happening with this Urban Semiotic Blog and Google.
For some strange reason a lot of our articles are no longer being returned in a basic Google web search and that is killing our readership because Google usually sends a lot of traffic our way.

Those articles used to appear in Google — they still appear in Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Search as the top returns — but they have been removed from Google view. We’ll see if this article you’re reading right now ever appears in Google and remains there or if, it too, eventually mysteriously disappears from Google’s search returns.