Shortly after the passing of author JD Salinger, I asked my coworkers in the office if they could think of any modern day artist that went out of their way to shun media attention while continuing to release material. One of my coworkers quickly piped up with the name Jandek. He replied so quickly that I thought that he was joking so I asked him to spell it out for me — it was not a joke at all.

by Diane Buccheri

Over and over, through my head came, actually they sat there, the letters ML. ML. ML. ML. ML. ML. ML. What’s this ML? Relentless. ML. It was in front of me all the time. Reminding me. Of what? My partner and I had been working with computers and deaf people. We were teaching the deaf how to use computers to communicate. These computers had voices for the benefit of us hearing and speaking people. Putting the right touches to the right keys resulted in a rather smooth sounding talking voice. Therefore, the deaf communicated and “spoke” with hearing and speaking people, making life easier and better for all.