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If the Electoral College Were Abolished

The original formation of the Electoral College for the purpose of selecting the President and Vice President of the United States once every four years had very solid reasoning behind it. There was a fear that people had poor access to information and that they would perhaps be biased to vote for whomever was running for the office from their state, and so there would be a number of people representing each state and no real decision made about who should be the next president. That may have been fine for that time period, but we are living in an age of information that is readily available — even if that information is about what the housemates of Big Brother are doing at any given time.

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The Ridiculous Critique of President Obama's Slow Jam

One of my favorite parts of the late night talk show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a segment that is called, “Slow Jam the News.” During this segment, Jimmy talk / sings the news while the house band (The Roots) plays an excellent backing melody. I have to say that if I am going to hear that the economy is in turmoil, I would rather hear about it while it is being slow jammed.

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