Quantcast Proprietary Pixel Query for WordPress.com

This morning, I posted a support query in the deep and authentic WordPress.com Support Forum concerning previous discussions of the “Quantcast Pixel” that is loaded for each WordPress.com blog.  It seems that if you visit the Quantcast site, anyone can get information on your WordPress.com blog just by entering your blog name at the end of the Quantcast URL.  Here’s the text of my support inquiry — I have added the screenshots for this article:

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Lying in Wait and the Unwanted Exposition of Repressed Rage

I spend a lot of my waking hours — when I am not here staring at a computer screen writing to you — walking the urban streets of New York and New Jersey.  I interact with all sorts of personalities and lifestyles.  I am seeing a new trend that concerns me as a pseudo-amateur watcher of human behavior:  The free exposition of lying in wait repressed rage.

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