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Abuse of a Two Finger Test

When someone breaks into your home and steals from you, you have much evidence that a crime was committed — the broken door, the mess made by the criminal would make it evident. When it comes to the extremely vile crime of rape, however, it is considerably more difficult to prove that anything happened and it often comes down to the word of the victim against the person or people being accused of the crime. What seems even worse than this, however, is when the victim is forced to prove that the crime took place through humiliating tests — such as the so called ‘two-finger’ test that currently is employed in India for many women who have undergone the worst sort of abuse.

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Rape Lies Cannot Be Forgiven With Bygones

I have written in the past about the crime of false rape accusation and I am sad to report a case that puts the previous case to shame, so to speak. In this case, the accuser not only admitted that she had lied about being raped but she had the nerve to approach the real victim (the falsely accused) and to ask that he just forget about it and to let bygones be bygones. She then was caught on tape admitting that the whole rape charge was a fabrication — a fabrication for which he spent five long years in prison.

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Crying Rape with Makeup Bruises

Rape is a heinous, unspeakably morally evil crime for which there are no excuses — no matter what a person was wearing in the club when you met them or what you may have perceived as being signals. The moment that a person tells you that they are not interested in sex, it means that you are not to attempt to have sex with that person or it is by definition considered rape. As such, the accusation of rape is a strong one to make and there is unfortunately a long history of people fabricating rape and sexual assault that goes back even as far as the Bible — where a young Joseph, son of Jacob, is sexually tempted by the wife of the man who bought him as a slave repeatedly until she decides to take her revenge by accusing him of attempted rape. Given his stature he is not believed and put in prison.

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