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Lying about Exporting Jobs for Votes

The day after it was declared that President Obama was re-elected, I stopped getting e-mails from family about why he shouldn’t be re-elected and started getting e-mails about why it just wasn’t fair that he was re-elected — that it was only because the race was about “unimportant” issues like rape and women’s rights instead of the only important issue — the economy. If the race had only been run on the basis of the economy issue, I believe that President Obama still would have won, because he had an economic plan that was not the exact same one that got us deep in trouble in the first place.

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Governor Christie Gives Thanks Where It Is Due

It seemed like a long time ago in a state not too far away from me (New Jersey, close in heart and with much family) a governor named Chris Christie told eager listeners that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was similar to a person who was stumbling around in a dark room looking for a light switch. He was a leader incapable of leading, and as such did not deserve the presidency that he won. That was, in fact, only about two weeks ago — but then something unexpected happened.

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The Two Realities of the Election: Ten Sentence Story #167

There are two realities, almost like two parallel universes that co-exist and yet could not be any more different — and yet somehow, we who sit week by week watching debate by debate and looking at polls are meant to believe, depending on whom we believe, that either one or the other reality it the only real one.

In the Romney reality, the only people that count are the one that pay their taxes — but should the one doing the counting be someone who avoids paying his fair share of taxes through offshore banking and international money laundering?

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