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Iron Man 2 and On Demand Political Censorship

Today, Janna and I decided to watch Iron Man 2 today using Comcast/Xfinity’s On Demand Pay Per View service.  We spent $6.00USD and we were able to watch a new, streaming, HD movie that was Closed Captioned — so Janna can joy the show — and boy, did we get a censored earful!


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Is the Bayonne Teardrop Memorial Really a Vagina Dripping Sperm?

Sometimes a gift is best left unopened.  I was watching the first quarter of the NY Giants and Carolina Panthers football game today, when the telecast cut away to a live shot of the “Teardrop Memorial” — a 100-foot tall gift from Russia to the citizens of Bayonne, New Jersey — intended to memorialize the dead in the World Trade Center disaster.  The teardrop alone is 40 feet long!  However, to even an untrained eye, the monument looks more like a vagina dripping sperm, than a tear falling between torn twin towers.

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International Deaf Child Adoption Crises

Finding suitable homes for disabled children is a tough scheme to accomplish via legal adoption and one would think countries would work extra hard to find suitable and loving parents willing to adopt these special kids to save them from institutional lonesomeness and abuse.

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Red Scare in Twilight's Last Gleaming

Every so often, we need to stop, decompress from the tension in our present lives and look back at the human traps that were set in order to punish the foreign and the strange — and then we must vow to never let that happen again.  Today, let us look back in fury at the “Red Scare” that throttled everything good about America after World War I.

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From Russia with Lust

I receive email pleas and scams all the time but, the following letter was especially interesting for its wonderful pretend warmth and cunning, hazy, directness. I am posting it exactly how it was formatted and spelled. For a moment, I thought this was a nice note from the eKaterina I know, but, alas, it was not from her. Take the following note — edited down a bit to remove repetitiveness — as a warning and a wonderment. 

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