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Geographic Information Systems and Crime Mapped Crime Alerts

Geographic Information Systems — GIS — is a visual way to map and geolocate data.  There’s Big Money in GIS mapping when it comes to matters of Public Health trends and systems and in proactively predicting the where, how and why crime will appear in your local municipality.

Because New York City is so big and massive and filled with folks from across the socioeconomic spectrum, crime mapping the Big Apple makes for a rich experience.

Here’s a recent, and keen, GIS visualization of SpotCrime’s report for Greenwich Village in New York City:

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Tommy Tune and Guzintas and Getoutzahs

Tommy Tune — one of the tallest and most imaginative directors and choreographers on Broadway — loves to button a scene, but he also takes the idea of a button one step beyond by needing to create a proper “Guzinta” that dramatically leads one scene into another.  “Guzinta” is Tommy Tune shorthand for “goes into” and the idea behind the ideal is quite necessary, precise and well-reasoned.

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Sport in Live Performance

Today’s modern sporting events reflect the most seductive part of live performance:  Creating Dramatic Tension — and the buildup to the annual Super Bowl celebration is one of the finest examples of spectacle in performance wrapped in football pads and held tight with crossed fingers.  The countdown clocks on NFL.com today directly inherit, and reflect, the innate sense of doom and pending explosion that so many modern dramas lack on the live stage.

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Removing the Hiss from Your Lyric

I have one hard rule about lyric writing:  Use the Singular form over the Plural in every instance.  “Boy” is better than “Boys” and “Snake” is better than “Snakes” and “Love” is better than “Loves.”

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Melodrama is Not Right Drama

All good drama should convey the essence of the human condition and melodrama can never meet that mandate.  A righteous dramatic experience can be uplifting, serve as a warning against degraded morality, and every play must end with a proper catharsis

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