Berkshire Hathaway is one of those massive corporate behemoths that weighs down chairs and breaks tables when it sits down to commune with others in a room.  On May 11, 2011 I wrote an article about Berskhire Hathaway losing its moral value:

Fuddy Duddyism only goes so far in the mainstream cult of personality, and Warren Buffet can no long demand that people just “trust him” on anything anymore because Sokol singlehandedly ruined that reputation and opportunity.  Buffet, now 80-years-old, is in a tough place of his own making because he made the worst sort of bet on David Sokol that is now paying him back in backlash and derision — and there is rightly no escape from that public punishment and social scorn.

Today, I’m sorry to report, Berkshire Hathaway’s GEICO Insurance company has taken a step too far into mainstream television tastelessness with a new commercial selling fear and loathing with a grim and cynical smile.