If you are reading this I know you are an email addict.
You live for the ping. You crave the pop-up notification. Your hands sweat just a little as you open a waiting communique.
How often do you check for new email?

Every day? Twice a day? Every hour? Every five minutes?

I have friends at Microsoft who — a decade ago before it was fashionable to be “always on” and “forever in touch” — set their email program to check for new mail messages every sixty seconds.
That behavior was disturbing then — and quaint now.

My how time and tide have changed!
Those who own BlackBerry devices have “real time” email where your BlackBerry tickles — and gets tickled back — checking for new messages all day every day every second of the day: The instant new mail arrives you are notified.

How many email accounts do you regularly check a day? I am currently using 15 separate email accounts.

My previous high a few years ago was 25. I manage all my accounts online via Google Apps for Your Domain Premier Edition: a 10 gig email store is an addict’s syringe!
Do you use an email program to download your mail or do you strictly use a web interface to interact with your email?