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SoundCloud Reruns Howard Stein in Collaboration

Technology is amazing when it can bring back the best of the past and press it forward with new life into the future.  Now that SoundCloud is here — and is a reliable and robust service — I have finally been able to bring together a series of 12 voicemails Dr. Howard Stein left for me in 2011 — he died a year later at 90 — and, with his expressed permission then, as now, I am able to share them with you to help create an arc of a man and his mind in collaboration.

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When the City Becomes the Carceral

In today’s New York Times, there was a depressing story about the ongoing, and strategic, public incarceration of the new “World Trade Center” area before it is even officially open to the public.  Where once the citizenry roamed with wild and interested abandon in the area, the Police State have now taken over with barricades and station houses and checkpoints.

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Is It Worth a Search If Nothing Is Ever Found?

In the world of sales, if a sales person were to make one hundred thousand calls and were unable to make even a single sale, that person would undoubtedly be fired. Similarly, if a group of scientists were trying to prove that a certain sort of amoeba existed in a particular environment and searched in one hundred thousand different locations and found no amoeba, it would make sense to conclude that the amoeba was not going to likely be found in that environment.

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The Colony, Season Two: Killing to Survive the Pandemic

Season Two of the outstanding television series– “The Colony” — debuted on The Discovery Channel this week, and while this year’s “survivors” are dumber and weaker than those on Season One, the stakes are evermore higher in the Age of Urban Bioterrorism.

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Are Port Authority Trinkets Actually Disguised Terror Alerts?

Call me suspicious, but when I ride the PATH train system between New Jersey and New York and I see Port Authority workers handing out free trinkets again — I begin to wonder if these “Stay Alert!” free gifts are really a new terror threat warning system in disguise.  Last week was a trinkets bounty.

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Fox Kills 24 as America Lives Again

The recently announced cancellation of uber terror show, 24 — after eight, long, years — indicates the positive, rising, tide we are feeling once again in the USA.  The Boogeyman is dead, the faux superhero is no longer necessary, and bad drama has finally been put to rest.

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