If you aren’t a member of TED.com, you should be — “TED” stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design” — and some of the most forward-thinking and brilliant minds appear there to share with you the truths of what they know.

John Q. Walker gives a fine lecture on how he has been able to recreate the great pianists — not performances, but the aesthetic and style of the performer — by digitally discerning finger pressure, pedal movement and their artistic, ethereal, intention.

As a young man I read an essay by Sigmund Freud called “The Uncanny” that continues to ripen and haunt me year-after-year as I am continually pressed to re-examine the realm of ghosts as wish fulfillment, how unrequited love compels a longing for a return to the womb and why the psychoanalyst becomes the mediator of these aesthetic spirits that chase and terrify us in our waking lives while they visit us in dreams and nightmares.