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Tripping Over Times Square

Last night, Janna and I were rushing home after teaching in New York City, and in the middle of Times Square, I had a moment I hope I never get to repeat.  I tripped — over my own two feet, or the curb, or a break in the sidewalk — and instantly fell long and hard on the sidewalk.  I was stunned for a moment and didn’t quite know where I was.  Janna was behind me somewhere and I remember one woman bending down to ask me if I was okay.

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A Walk a Day Keeps the Hippocampus in Play

Janna and I are crazy about walking.  We take at least two, brisk, 30-minute, walks each day.  During the work week, Janna runs her urban core routine as part of her daily commute via trains and her shoes, and I rally around the neighborhood between writing breaks.  At night, we take our final walk of the day together to review our day apart and to chat about plans for the next day.

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Living Life One Foot in Front of the Other

It was a cold winter day on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. There were slick patches of ice everywhere, reminding me of my Charlie Brown New Year. I was walking with a friend of mine to the synagogue for the morning prayer and related the story about how I fell the one day and how fearful I was of falling down as a result. My friend is fantastic at offering good advice when it is needed.

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