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iPad Immersion and the International Inoculation

Today, the iPad is fulfilling it mission of appropriately and coyly tempting international wanderlust.  Yesterday, closer to home, our two iPads finally arrived a few days before scheduled delivery after we purchased them online from Apple the first week of May.  After less than a day of playing with the iPad, I can confirm what I said way back on February 5, 2010:  The iPad is a killer device.  Here are my iPad-only Apps:

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Must Work Always Be Memeingful?

We are taught from an early age that work is good for us.  We are routinely compressed by the idea that hard work builds character while providing for our needs.  Work is the alpha and the omega and we are never to question what lurks in between.  We are defined by our jobs.

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Not Going with the Flow

I am one of those who refuse to “go with the flow” because — I have discovered over the arc of a long life — that “going with the flow” is actually a code phrase for having no schedule, and a cudgel of indecision against ambition, and a smothering blanket of malaise that excuses anyone “in the flow” from having any responsibility for getting anything done at all.

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Mezonos Rolls at 7-Eleven

It’s a tough life for a person who has to work outside the home. I do pretty well for myself in the afternoon with the food I bring from home. For the past month or so I have changed my workout routine significantly enough that I get a lot hungrier in the morning than a cup of coffee can ever hope to cover. So the question is, what do I do in the morning when the appetite is there but the need to get to work in a timely manner competes?

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