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Poopy Chicken: A VideoPress, YouTube and Vimeo PRO Streaming Test

Hi there! This is a “Poopy Chicken” streaming video test for VideoPress, YouTube and Vimeo PRO. Poopy Chicken in a 14-second video shot in HD on an iPhone 5S. Nothing was done to the videos on any service. No enhancements. No editing. Straight from the iPhone to getting uploaded to the video services.

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Oh, Baby, Don’t You Cry: Unless Your Mamma Makes You Mew

What would you think of a mother who purposefully set out to make her 10-month-old baby girl cry — just so she could record the breakdown and publish it on YouTube for the entire world to see?

Would you champion that mother as the prime protector of her offspring?

Or would you instead be bothered by the unnecessary spectacle of a mother exploiting the emotional well-being of her vulnerable baby for entertainment purposes?

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An Open Letter to Google Glasses Pioneers: Prepare to Be Punched in the Eye!

Hi there, Google Glasses Pioneer!

This is an open letter warning you to put down your Google Glasses if you care about the health of your eyes and the prosperity of your soul.  Those glasses are going to cost you a lot more than $1,500.00USD because your face is going to pay the price for prying into the public, everyday, lives of those all around you.  Nobody will trust you.  Everyone will suspect you are recording their every move — even if you are not — but because you can!  Be thankful for universal Obamacare — because you are going to need it with the rising year.  This is not a call for violence against you; this is a call out that violence will be waged against you.

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Alan Champion is Not Dead!

[UPDATE: April 22, 2011 — Alan Champion died this morning a bit after 10:00am. He died in Oklahoma with his sister by his side in the same bed in which his mother previously passed. Alan was 55. He died on Good Friday. We already miss him. Together, we will carry forward the glow of his talent into the bright future he blazed for us.]

Alan Champion is not dead!  A viral Facebook meme recently took off claiming Alan had finally succumbed to appendix cancer, but that rumor is false, and there’s video evidence to prove it!

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Knowing What to Look for and Where to Look for It

How do we know what we know?  Do we gain memory directly through experience or through the experience of others?  Is remembering something enough ownership of an idea to give it resonance beyond our own mind?  How do we know what to search for when we don’t yet know what we don’t know?

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Strings Saga, Part Twenty: Back to Eleven

Welcome, once again, to my ongoing Strings Saga: Yes, I’ve Gone Back to Elevens (And, “No, We Have No Bananas)!  Yes, I know.  This is like the 20th time you’ve read a strings review from me or found out that, once again, I had changed my mind about my Favorite Strings Ever.  Welp,   today is another day, and here’s another dollar:  I’m back to .011-.049 strings — and this time — I’m staying!  I think.

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