I was recently watching a football game on television. A player was running freely with the ball towards the opponent’s court, without being stopped violently. This freestyle running was a very familiar and comfortable scenario to me but it made my roommate extremely irritated — “God****t, get the guy down!”

I then realized I was watching “football” in the USA, not the “football” I grew up with.

“A tie game? What’s the point of playing? It doesn’t make sense! And, why there are so few scores! How come the player can run around with the ball without being stopped…!”

My roommate’s expression was priceless.

Well, it makes sense in football – I mean soccer! That’s the whole point!

Soccer is a game of skill, tactics and footwork…it’s not about power! I understood my roommate and I were in two different pages, absolutely opposite.

There was more misunderstanding to come…

My roommate was horrified hearing that people play “test cricket” for five days and “one-day cricket” is a whole day game.

Stadiums are normally packed with thousands of enthusiast supporters.

“Don’t the players have other things to do in life? Don’t they get bored? What if something comes up? What if they just don’t wanna play?”

Now it was my turn to look shocked.

“What are you talking about? These guys are professional players, they earn truckloads of money, and the rules are something like that…” I was visibly lost… I didn’t know how to explain it.

Well, I thought, the 2007 World Cup cricket tournament was coming… that might be a better time to “explain” things… but I doubt it… because I think my roommate will still be wondering why on earth two teams are stuck in the field there for the whole day!