I almost forgot how it felt to get completely drenched in a downpour after suffering in a scorching heat for three months. I remembered it yesterday as I got soaked in an early June thunderstorm last night – when you do you know much long waited monsoon has finally arrived. It feels divine.

The rainstorm last night brought back my own childhood memory when “monsoon” used to mean enjoying “rainy days” (staying back home as life comes to a complete stop because of the super heavy shower), it meant snuggling in the bed with a story book and listening the drizzle or thunder outside, it meant making paper boats and trying them to keep steadily floating the water logged backyard, it meant the smell of steaming hot tea or coffee and various fried snacks in the kitchen…

It also meant a yearning, you never quite knew for what but you could feel it.

Indian monsoon has many moods, colors and smell of its own. Starting from being a horrifying super heavy shower it can be drizzling for seven consecutive days, it can also be a light spell of sprinkle like a whisper, the most important thing is – it’s fun!

The first rain cloud has a gorgeous look; at times scary and rough but mystic as well.

I still remember myself looking at the sky – extremely terrified but eagerly awaiting a cleansing effect by a poerful rainstorm. It purifies one as it washes away all the dirt from the face of earth and gives a new life to the natire.

It’s equally refreshing to watch a clear blue sky after a heavy shower; so soothingly soft!

My being away from this seasonal changes for last couple of years somewhat faded my memory, but to much of my joy, the first drop of water brought back the lost moments instantly.

Of course, as a matured professional I can’t just sit back home and enjoy a “rainy day” any more, moreover with one of the unwell parents at home the idea of a life stopping downpour is pretty frightening but it is good to discover that the monsoon still makes me feel amazingly nostalgic.

The yearning is still there… I don’t quite know for what.

Monsoon has a romantic connotation with Indian culture, its sound is often compared to a sweet murmur and the gentle touch as a passionate one.

Bollywood can’t do without a rain dance sequence in its movies.

It welcomes the season as well cherishes the happy mood.

These dance sequenes these days became more rauchy than romantic but it still plays a huge crowd puller.

I know monsoon also means constant rain and gloomy, extremely humid weather for 2/3 months, water logged streets in the cities, and flood in villages, but I saving those topics for another article.

Let’s enjoy the special moments in life for some time – reality can wait a bit!