I have been a paid live feed watcher of the CBS television show Big Brother since the first season.  Every year, the show gets less interesting with horribly boring and psychotic contestants.  Every year I keep coming back to the show hoping for a return to season one greatness, but it has yet to happen.  This year, Season 14, is no different — and in an effort to save the show in the shards of ABC’s The Glass House defections of former Big Brother producers — Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner panicked and created a silly “Coach’s Twist” that brought back former players to coach new players, only to have the coaches actually become players in the game last week so they could go against their former team members for a $500,000.00 grand prize.

The saddest, and most depressing part of Big Brother 14, happened last night with the removal of perennial Big Brother America’s Favorite Janelle — she’s on the right in the image below — from the game.

The house was poisoned against Janelle from the start by her crass, and ungrateful, team of newbies — and by production who refused to save her in their own special Pandora’s Box/Golden Power of Diamond Veto Way — and by the other coaches who betrayed her, and Janelle never had a chance of not being voted out.  There were so many vicious lies spewed against her on a personal level that one wonders how such nasty people survive in the world.

If Allison Grodner’s beloved Boogie had been attacked as Janelle was, she would have made certain the right questions were asked of him in a diary room session to clue him in and give him a greater chance for staying in the house.

Here’s the newbie predator who the producers used to help backdoor Janelle. Her name is Danielle and she’s a social misfit and a human miscreant from Alabama and she constantly complains about people calling her fat — even though she is, and was, the biggest female in the house… not that there’s anything wrong with that… but, please, Danielle, stop eating all the junk food in the house as you complain, between bites, about your Goodyear Blimp-sized arms and thunder thighs — and how everything that was wrong in the house was all Janelle’s fault.

We cannot wait until Danielle and her ilk are voted up and out of the house so she can begin her post-traumatic-Big-Brother-meltdown with a Big Brother fan base that now generally hates her for such loose and lousy gameplay by picking on Janelle while leaving mega-threats Boogie and Frank in the house.  Stupid!  Ridiculous!  Psychotic!  Jealousy — “Janelleousy” — breeds demise, and Danielle is already sinking with regret.

We dedicated live feed viewers know we are the fans who make the show and give it social significance.  Without us on board, the edited CBS show would wither and crumble — but Allison Grodner does not value us or our input — and we make her uneasy because we see everything she doesn’t want us to know, but the live meme is what makes Big Brother special and so she has to put up with us in the end, and we have to put up with her fiddling with outcomes so she can actively influence the winner she wants.

We live feed viewers know Grodner wants a Boogie/Frank final two.  She has already repeatedly “saved” both of them in ways Janelle never enjoyed.  Janelle made a comment on the live feed that she had the producers agree in her contract to let her see her young daughter if she made it to the jury and, it seems, the producers didn’t want to pay that extra expense, and so they dispensed with their Star Player and Fan Favorite to save a few bottom line bucks.

I read somewhere that the Big Brother producers said only 15% of the live feed viewers watch the traditional television show — suggesting, by proxy, that we are unvaluable and in the minority — so let’s do a little bit of Big Brother math to see what sort of punch we actually add to Big Brother.

Let’s say Big Brother has 5 million viewers of the CBS TV show.

15% of 5,000,000 — means there are 750,000 “live feed” viewers who also watch the television show on CBS.

750,000 live feed viewers pay $30.00USD to watch the “24/7” Big Brother feeds online and that adds up to $22.5 million!  I think that’s a pretty powerful subscriber base of “live feeders” and we have value and power — even if Allison Grodner doesn’t think so — because we’re worth millions to the bottom line.  We create the heat and the interest.  We are active viewers.  We care about the integrity of the “game.”

If you only watch the CBS show and not the live feeds — you have no idea what backstabbers Britney and Boogie and Dan have been as coaches in their plot to vote out Janelle — but we live feeders know and we watch and we remember and we are quickly tiring of producer influence in saving their favorite players instead of ours.

Janelle — we already miss you and we forever love you — and the reason you were so dangerous in the house is because you are nonemotional, tough, smart, beautiful and magnificently mesmerizing. All those hallmarks are unfortunate black marks in the Big Brother house but those targets are also precisely what have forged you as a tremendous power in the real human world — and we know that — and the horrible houseguests know that, and that’s why they sent you packing with a pat on the back from Alison Grodner on your way out.


  1. I’m so sad Janelle is gone. It wasn’t fair how the house was turned against her by Danielle and Britney and nobody would help her figure it out so she could call out the liars and stay in the house.

    1. Right! Janelle’s greatest asset in the real world: Self-Confident Not Caring What Other People Say About You — is what sunk her in the house. She isn’t paranoid. She doesn’t sense the lies filling in around her. She can’t comprehend why people would purposely plant a lie just to hurt someone for non-game reasons. Some fans say she’s better off outside the house than in it. I disagree. I want her in the house. I prefer her positive energy to the darkness and doom that remain on the show. I wanted her to finally win it all after three tries.

  2. I said when the showcased Franks family that the fix was in to keep him, then bam no eviction and coaches back in game. Then on live feeds Janelle still wanted Frank gone and he was put up by Danielle and Boogie was complaining in the DR and soon after the plan to get rid of Janelle was in I have said since they showcased his family the Fix was in for Frank and Boogie to the end. I watch live feeds and watch the show just to see the comps but no more this will be my last season of buying live feeds and watching BB.

    1. Hi Shari!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, the fix is in for Frank and Boogie — I just wish it were more of a game than a total setup. Boogie knows the “game” is rigged for him. That’s why he’s so confident and happy and sleeping all the time. He’s in no danger whatsoever — and he’s the most repulsive houseguest to ever play the game. Grodner has cast her want with the Villains and not the Heroes and that doesn’t make for an interesting game with all that nastiness and negativity floating around the house poisoning everything it touches. The only real Hero in the game was Janelle. All the others are dark side pretenders.

      If Danielle had put up Boogie with Frank — everything would be great — one of them would be gone by now and the house would have a different temperament. Now it’s just a series of “Boogie Pickoffs” as they all roll over for him and leave the house.

      I feel like I’m done with this now, too. 14 seasons is enough. I love the live feeds, but I hate all the fish we get and I don’t like how the houseguests now know how to manipulate what we see and what we do not. I believe that is actually encouraged by production. I DVR the CBS shows and watch them in 10 minutes. It’s all lies and editing — except for the pre-scripted end result.

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