Last night I was watching “Eight Below” again – probably for the eighth time in last two years. Paul Walker rightly summed up “Eight Below” by saying, “If you’re a dog lover, you’ll get it. If not, you won’t.”

I know I am biased, but “Eight Below” is not just a mushy “dog movie,” it’s much more than that. When in today’s date we are bombarded with “The Dark Knight” and some other equally horrible choices, this pristine, sublime movie feels like fresh air.

Watching movies has always been a great a way for me to de-stress myself, it came extremely handy for past couple of months as my other choices of recreation became very limited because of some family constraints.

More so, I am way too distracted to read a serious book and enjoy it. I never thought in my life that “A Prisoner of Birth” by Jeffrey Archer would become my bedtime read!

So, I find my “movie-buff” me again!

Eight Below is one movie I will never be tired of watching because t is based on a true story, so it becomes even more touching and lively while watching it. I agree the dogs were trained to their highest level of competence, but they would remind those actual survivors of the 1957 Japanese expedition every moment who didn’t have a trainer with them for support.

“Powerful” is an understatement as far as these canine-actors are concerned; they should get a “canine Oscar” for their performance.

Left behind in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica — their fight for survival becomes more than a mere tale of eight incredible dogs, it shows the true essence of friendship, loyalty, hope and love.

“Eight Below” is actually the “Urban Semiotic” of teamwork. It teaches one the core values of morality and the drive to chase one’s dream — “you gotta take chance for the things you care about in life…”

Surprisingly, Paul Walker didn’t disappoint me in this movie. I was rather skeptical to watch the  “The fast and the Furious – Brian O’Conner” in such a modest role – but the credit should go to both the director and him, for his fine acting matched very well with the mood of the film.

I know I am recommending an older movie — it was released in 2006 — but for those who want a relief from the bloodshed, mass killing and brutal violence, “Eight Below” is a much-awaited breather.


  1. Thanks for the rec. Have ordered it from Amazon already! 🙂 The whole family are dog-crazy (we have a mini bull terrier who’s won our hearts) and I’m sure we will all enjoy the movie.

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