Alentejo is a beautiful part of the world and Portugal in particular. It is famous for many things, including its stunning natural beauty, its history, and of course, its beaches. Here are four snapshots for today.  In the Northeast — Evora — one of our capital cities and one of our eldest cities, complete with ancient castle and university , quaint cobbled streets and one of the best cake shops ever!

In the Southeast — the mountains where Alentejo meets the Algarve:

In the Southwest — the sea and the glorious beaches around Brejão:

In the Northwest — the town of Vila Nova Milfontes sitting on the banks of the River Mira where it joins the sea — and where we are lucky enough to live.



  1. Superb story, Nicola, thank you for sharing! I get a sense of navigation for Alentejo — and I feel the spirit of the land in these fine images. You live in quite a lovely and sensible place!


    1. These give a flavour or the boundaries – the extremes – there is more to come – my poor camera gets overworked – I find something new ech day !


  2. It was fun and practical to use the skewed compass points. Alentejo is shaped like a trapezoid on its side , N,E,S,W was not going to work very well !


  3. Nice article Nicola, as always love the pictures! I love the four corners concept that you use. It almost make me want to do a four corners of Cedar Crest (my college), and show a few of the beautiful spots on campus. It especially helps that my school is an arboretum. So many beautiful trees and flowers!


  4. It is one of Davids concepts – and I know he would be the first with me to encourage you to do one on your college – go for it ! The beauty is that it can be applied to alost anything, anywhere !


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