The future now is here and you can watch it live, weekdays, on! Yes, Janna and I have taken the deep leap into the world of live streaming and we’re here to tell you all about it. The most interesting thing about going live each day is the idea that social media is really nothing compared to social broadcasting. You are your own station. You are your own dream stream.

As you dip into the new river of ideas, you begin to make comparisons between your other online efforts. Blogging is longform and precious and in depth. Podcasting is slightly more immediate than blogging, but it is still delayed. Streaming live video on the internet is like the live stage. It is immediate, dangerous, and filled with errors and mistakes — no matter how hard you try to be prepared and then set a plan flying into space.

Here’s an example of a recent stream where I discussed my ongoing battle with skin cancer, and then the care regimens I employ to try to regain the grainy health of my skin:

On another live stream, I was discussing the wonders of Aphasia when my first-ever live stream Troll stepped into the mix to insult me and make nasty comments.

My lovely wife of 33 years, Janna Sweenie, is part of our live stream — when her busy schedule permits — and she shared a wonderful story about growing up as a Deaf child in Council Bluffs and attending the Iowa School for the Deaf. Janna also provides excellent online lessons in American Sign Language!

Live streaming is a remarkable experience. You can dig into the depths of who you are and what you appear to be on the surface, but in the end it’s you against the camera. You either blink and go on or you freeze and die. Streaming provides the thrill of the rehearsed live stage performance and the shrill anxiety of being live on the radio air when your microphone goes live for the first time.

I hope you’ll join our live stream. We have an open chat session where you can ask questions and participate in the meaning of the stream. Every day we work hard to provide context to the human condition — but we can’t do it without you!